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About Art Group:

Mutro Art group was found in 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine by two artists - Timothy Maxymenko and Vano Sai. Group works in the field of contemporary art in different media such as performance, installation, animation and video.

Our artistic practice is related to different topics and contexts from experiments with language and word itself, performative interactions in public to works which question such matters as relativity of time and space, metamorhosis of information and a role of modern human in the world.


Timothy Maxymenko

Timothy Maxymenko is a Ukrainian intermedia artist who was born in Kyiv Ukraine.

During his artistic life he works across media including video/audio art, performance,

installation, sculpture, collage.

Currently, he is living and working in London as a member of

Mutro Art Group.





2017 - 2018                                                      

University of Wolverhampton                  

UK Erasmus+ [ FineArts ]  



2016 - 2017                                                      2015 - 2018

University Politehnica of Valencia.                   Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Spain. Erasmus+ [ FineArts ]                           Poland [Intermedia]




2011- 2014                                                       2009 - 2011

Kyiv Industrial College.                                     T. Shevchenko State Art School.

Ukraine [ Fine Arts ]                                          Ukraine [ Fine Arts ] 






- US2 [24h Performance] - FILET Gallery 2019 [London, U.K.]

- Paper Town [Happening] - Arebyte Gallery 2018 [London, UK]

- The Sound Labyrinth [City/landscape/game/interactive-installation] - Art Gallery of Contemporary

  Art Bunker Audio Art Festival 2018 [Krakow, Poland]


- Howls [Audio-performance] for ShadowMemory Application - London Art Night 2018 [London, UK]

- The Urban Howl [Soundwalk] - ShadowMemory app London Art Night 2018 [London, UK]


- Sandbox [Media-installation]

  Lovely Experience Festival 2018 [Trnava, Slovakia]

  Festival of Light & Shadow 2017 [Banska Bystrica, Slovakia] ​


- Aophone [Performance]

  Never Fade Soho 2017 [London, UK]

  Geyger Art Gallery 2017 [Berlin, Germany]

  UPV 2017 [Valencia, Spain] 

  20ft Radio 2017 [Kyiv, Ukraine]

  Gogol Fest 2017 [Kyiv, Ukraine]

  Mlode Wilki Festival 2017 [Szczecin, Poland]

  Dr J. Babiński Neuropsychiatric Hospital 2017 [Krakow, Poland] ​


- Bla Bla Machine [Performance] - UPV 2017 [Valencia, Spain]


- Nas 8 [Performance 24h] - 2016

  Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK 

  Małopolska Voivodeship Public library [Krakow, Poland]

  Księgarnia | Wystawa Gallery [Krakow, Poland]

  Opcja Gallery [Krakow, Poland]


- KOTORый [Group exhibition] - Dukley Art Center 2016 [Kotor, Montenegro]


  Toilet and Barrel [Interactive-installation] - Księgarnia | Wystawa 2016 [Krakow, Poland] ​


- Illusion of Changes [Exhibition]

  Plateau Gallery 2015 [Berlin Germany]

  Ogniwo Gallery 2014 [Krakow, Poland]


- Intervention [Series of installations] Festival of Contemporary Art Gogol-Fest 2014 [Kyiv, Ukraine]

Vano Sai

Born 25 November 1995 in Kyiv Ukraine.
Work in the eld of Mix Media Art : Performance, 

Media Art, Interactive Art, Audio Art. 


2015 - 2018.                                                      2009 - 2013

Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.                      T. Shevchenko State Art School.

Poland [Intermedia]                                           Ukraine [ Fine Arts ] 


 2013- 2015                                                                   

National Academy of Fine Arts .                                    

Ukraine [ Fine Arts ]                                         



2016.  Performance “Mining Works” Public Space [Krakow Poland]

2016   Performance “Nas 8” Gallery OPCJA Intermedia Department Academy of Fine Arts [Krakow Poland]

2016.  Exhibition “Toilet and Barrel” Księgarnia | Wystawa [Krakow Poland]

2015.  Exhibition “Illusion of changes” Plateau Gallery [Berlin Germany]

2015   Exhibition “Illusion of changes” Ogniwo Gallery [Krakow Poland]

2015   Exhibition “BoomDaGaDan” MutroArt stage [Izola Slovenia]

2014   Exhibition “Intervention” Festival of Contemporary Art “Gogol-Fest” [Kyiv Ukraine] 

2014   Exhibition "Sami" Art Festival Junost [Kyiv Ukraine]

2014   Exhibition "Future" Partcom Gallery [Kyiv Ukraine]


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